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Healthcare design is about acknowledging the human condition

Healthcare design is about acknowledging the human condition

February 27, 2023 1:28 pm Published by

Indian born, Amsterdam based, Satyendra Pakhalé has a secularly humanistic approach to design in any industrial area.  His practice is all about understanding the human being while living in an environment and using tools.  This is even truer when speaking about healthcare design, the focus of the exhibition Design + Health at the The Museum of the Enlightenment and Modernity in Valencia, where Pakhale’s projects are displayed until April 2023.  We asked Satyendra Pakhalé to illustrate how design work should be carried out in the healthcare area.  Designers have always been keen to the topic, and had a major role […]

Renault SYMBIOZ concept car design _ fabric Bloko by Aleksandra Gaca

Designing cars from inside out: how interior car design is setting the pace

February 1, 2023 7:46 pm Published by

Remember the flying vehicles of sci-fi movies in the Eighties? Smooth forms, vibrant colors and aerodynamic shapes.  Brace, because that’s exactly where we are heading in automotive design.  Cars will not fly, but they will be driven by AI and will have fully electric engines.  What does all this mean for car design?  First of all from a practical perspective there is no logical reason why an autonomous car (with an electric engine) should look like one of today’s cars.  Secondly, it will almost naturally occur that a lot more attention will be put on the interiors (for the simple […]

Designing in a time of scarcity - a lesson from the 1930s _ Franco Albini _ DWProfessional

Designing in a time of scarcity: a lesson from the 1930s

December 13, 2022 5:32 pm Published by

If you are passionate about design you probably know a lot about Franco Albini who authored some of the most iconic furniture pieces as well as architectures and urban projects (should this not be the case, there is a useful biography here).  While Albini’s life achievements are well known, his design approach isn’t, mainly because he never codified it despite working rigorously with it. His son Marco recently did though. After working for years with his father, he came up with the 5 points recipe which is the focus of our story: because the way Franco Albini designed almost a […]