May 27, 2017

Born in 2013 out of a simple hobby of “hunting down architecture”, today it is one of the biggest architecture pages on Instagram.

Architecture Hunter is another top influencer which is writing the history of Instagram.

Exactly in these days it has reached +1million followers and it got so far by showing the world some of the best architectural projects since 2013.

You don’t get up there every day. Strong attitude and passion are fundamentals to make it.

Considering that Instagram has reached 700 million active users not long time ago and that accounts with a +1million community are just around 8,000, Architecture Hunter is within the 0,001%!

This means that it is definitely one of those who influence the market they are in.

As some of you know, I have already published several interviews with top Instagram influencers related to the Architecture & Design niche.

What I have been loving so far is that each of them is truly passionate about the subject. Before any technical skill, there is a huge respect for what they do.

They first choose projects for themselves, cause they love them, which happens to be the best for their community too.

If I had to find a secret of such an amazing growth, I would definitely point this out: passion.

Enjoy the interview!



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More about Architecture Hunter

  • Name: @architecture_hunter
  • Founded in: June 3th, 2013
  • About: architecture, design, arts, sketch, furniture and photography


Founder Profile

  • Owner: Amanda Ferber
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Education: Architecture and Urbanism
  • Interests: architecture, photography, arts, psychology



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How did the project start?

Architecture hunter was born out of a simple hobby of “hunting down architecture” and today it is a community of 1 million architecture lovers!

We seek to inspire architects and architecture lovers, sharing the best projects across the globe!


Why did you decide to start an Instagram account about architecture & design? What were your initial goals?

When I first started college, I felt madly in love with architecture.

I was extatic with the world of architecture, one which I had always identified myself with.

I began to “hunt down architecture” and save various photographs of architectural masterpieces as references on my mobile phone.

One day, I realized I had already saved more than 3,000 pictures on my phone and thought to myself “gee, I should share this with the world!”.

I created an Instagram account and began publishing the most spectacular projects, in my humble opinion, on the account.

Initially, my intention was to simply share what astonishes me.

I never imagined my page would reach so many people, or that I could turn it into something I do professionally.



Architecture Hunter



How much work does Instagram require in order to grow like you did?

In the beginning, it did not require a lot of work.

Since Architecture Hunter was one of the first architecture pages to be born on Instagram, it was not complicated to attract a public.

Furthermore, Instagram metrics then were different, which made it easier for a page to have a lot of visibility.

I never even had to force myself to post daily.

I started out very strict about the quality standards of my page, not only regarding the project itself, but also about the visual qualities of the picture being posted.

Thus I only posted what I truly deemed incredible.

Today, the story is quite different.

Instagram metrics are different, thus pages that post content more frequently and constantly have higher visibility.

Being that I continue to be strict regarding quality of my content, “instagramming” now takes up a lot more of my time.

Even so, “hunting down architecture” is something I love doing, and I don’t consider this to be a “sacrifice” I have to do for my page.



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Why should designers (of any kind) invest their efforts in developing an Instagram account? Is that so important nowadays?

Instagram is a wonderful tool to share your work, being that it works really well as a catalogue/showcase.

It is also one of the social media tools of most use today, and therefore an indispensable platform for a designer.

Instagram makes it possible to be ubiquitously present in the lives of the people you want to reach, day to day.

Beyond that, Instagram is also an extremely efficient tool to make business contacts.

For example, I also work at ArchDaily today thanks to Architecture Hunter.

My account facilitated my direct contact with other important brands of the world of architecture and helped me join the super awesome team at ArchDaily.



Architecture Hunter



How do you search for content? What are your favorite sources?

I aim to follow the business and personal accounts of architects that I like, given that this allows me to be up-to-date with their novel content.

Pinterest is also a very effective tool to find images of interest.

Nonetheless, I often find it does not give accurate or complete information about projects I want to feature.

The limitations of Pinterest don’t matter much to me, because I often double check my sources with the published information on ArchDaily, since they are the platform with the most online published projects.

Other than that, my followers are terrific architecture hunters!

I post a lot of the content that they share with me as well.


Which are the criteria designers should consider in order to be featured on your page? And how could they reach you and submit their work?

If we are talking about a project that has already been built, other than good architectural elements, I strive for photography of quality as well.

That is something I truly value. High resolution is also indispensable.

In terms of 3D visualizations, I prefer the work to be as real as possible.

These often call the most attention to the work being featured.

Finally, in terms of drawings and sketches, I am more of a fan of pictures that highlight the drawing/sketch and only that.

By that I mean, pictures with pens, hands/fingers, background landscapes, are in my opinion visually polluted for the page.

I am always on the lookout for what architecture hunters are posting through our hashtag #architecture_hunter, and through the tags we receive in our page.

It is also possible to send a direct message to the account or an email to [email protected]



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Could you give our readers 3 golden rules to properly manage their Instagram accounts in terms of content and growth?

  1. Post content frequently and constantly to secure visibility
  2. Be very strict with the quality of your content. I advise against posting just for the sake of posting; this will make the page lose credibility
  3. Do not give up! All Instagram pages begin with zero followers; all Instagram pages grow thanks to persistency. It will be worth it!


What are your next steps? Any new projects coming along with Instagram?

We actually just started posting on Facebook as well, and we have various projects in mind for Architecture Hunter – some already ongoing and others for the future.

Keep following us to know what’s coming next!



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