April 10, 2017

Christian Trampedach is the founder of Restless | Architecture, born in 2016 and now counting over 400k followers. In this interview, he gave us 3 golden advices to grow on Instagram!

Welcome to our first interview with a Instagram influencer! DesignWanted is going to publish a series of interviews made with top Instagram accounts about Architecture & Design.

Our aim is sharing these important channels with our audience, in order to support our readers’ promotion and show the amazing work that these Influencers are doing on Instagram.

Nowadays, especially for designers, it is fundamental to learn how to use socials which are visually appealing like Instagram, in order to grow a business.

In fact, it is not a matter of “selfies” anymore, but it strictly deals with the chance to generate a community of passionates and potential customers.

Let’s move forward….

Page details

  • Name: @restless.arch
  • Owner: Christian Trampedach
  • Founded in: 2016
  • About: Architecture design // interior and exterior design. The page is set to inspire architecture interested souls.

Owner Profile

  • Nationality: Denmark
  • Education: Studies M.Sc. International Business and Politics at Copenhagen Business School
  • Interests: Architecture, entrepreneurship, social media, workout, football


Instagram Architecture - RestlessArch - Influencer Marketing


Hi Christian, could you share a little more about your project?

The project has only just begun.

Currently, the scope is narrowed to exclusively include Instagram, where we honor and promote the greatest residential architecture projects around the world.

However, the vision for the future is to make RESTLESS stand out as an architecture network facilitator; a place independent from Instagram, where architects can meet both virtually and physically, share their knowledge, and get rewarded accordingly.


Why did you decide to start an Instagram account about architecture & design? What were your initial goals?

@restless.arch was basically established due to the fact that many architecture pages on Instagram lacked the most fundamental information about the posted content.

Also, many pages lacked consistency and ‘the feeling of being connected’.

I wanted to provide this feeling.

Initially, I set up a few goals in terms of growth, but I soon found out that I grew much more than my growth predictions indicated.


How much work does Instagram require in order to grow like you did?

A lot!

You need to understand the underlying mechanisms of Instagram, and constantly update yourself on algorithmic changes and what not.

Simultaneously, you need to engage in partnerships, search for appealing content to your followers, respond to interesting questions, and evaluate submitted projects.


Why should designers (of any kind) invest their efforts in developing an Instagram account? Is that so important nowadays?

Actually, I believe many designers are already using Instagram as a promotional tool, which is great!

Social media is playing a crucial role in many people’s lives, and you have the opportunity to reach across borders to most of the world.

And Instagram is definitely not an exception.


How do you search for content? What are your favorite sources?

I do not have a single favorite source.

However, my followers are very engaging in submitting projects from around the world, and it is amazing to see how interested designers, architects, and photographers are in being presented on @restless.arch.


Which are the criteria designers should consider in order to be featured on your page? And how could they reach you and submit their work?

The most important thing is that the photographs are great.

I have seen so many great projects, which cannot be featured on the page due to the fact that the photograph is blurred or the light setting is far off.

I always encourage people to submit their projects to [email protected] including information on implicated architects, location, copyrights etc.



Instagram Architecture - RestlessArch - Influencer Marketing



Could you give our readers 3 golden rules to properly manage their Instagram accounts in terms of content and growth?

  1. Find a niche that you are TRULY passionate about.
  2. Make a growth strategy, and stick to it!
  3. Be patient; Rome was not built in a day.

What are your next steps?  Any new projects coming along with Instagram?

I have a few ideas on how to take RESTLESS to the next level, but it is confidential at this given time.

However, the overall vision is to make RESTLESS stand out as the go-to place for architects – a place where they can share their knowledge, and in turn, get rewarded for it.