May 20, 2017

Young and passionate about Architecture & Design, Kalvin shared with us his story and advices.

I am very glad to share a new interview with a top Instagram influencer.

When I first launched the DesignWanted project, I knew what my mission was, but I was actually struggling at finding a way to grow my design community fast.

You know, even the most beautiful ideas, products or brands, are going to fail if not supported by communication and, above all, by a group of people who believe in what you are doing, who share the same passion and vision.

This is how I started to search for the best way to begin and Instagram appeared to me the most interesting option: free, easy, inspiring. All in one!

Right after creating my account, I went on discovering the top appealing architecture & design profiles and those of Kalvin, owner of Arc.only and Design.only, immediately convinced me: great selection, well curated feed, highly interactive.

Nothing more to say, but…enjoy the interview!
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Instagram top influencer - Arc.Only - Kalvin Siropyan



More about Arc.Only and Design.Only

  • Name: @arc.only
  • Founded in: 10.08.2014
  • About: Architecture


  • Name: @design.only
  • Founded in: 02.02.2015
  • About: Design


Instagram top influencer - Arc.Only - Kalvin Siropyan - Profile



Founder profile

  • Name: Kalvin Siropyan
  • Nationality: Turkish
  • Education: Istanbul Bilgi University, Architecture, 1st year student
  • Interests: architecture, design, sports


Why did you decide to start an Instagram account about architecture & design? What were your initial goals? 

Before starting my higher education at Bilgi University in Istanbul-Turkey, I was already passionate about architecture.

Since I love following daily news about architecture and exploring new architectural structures every day, I wanted to create an online collection from those.

Therefore, this passion lead me to browse more and more architectural constructions and I’ve started gathering them together on an Instagram account.

After receiving positive feedbacks on the platform, I’ve started my second profile which mostly focuses on interior design, my other passion.

Browsing in the field of design and architecture have become part of my daily routine which I also wanted to share with the other people and build an online community on Instagram.



Instagram top influencer - Design.Only - Kalvin Siropyan



How much work does Instagram require in order to grow like you did?

Actually, since I am posting everyday on Instagram it requires quite a lot of work in terms of time and commitment.

Since I am publishing content daily, continuity is also very important.

I’ve started in 2014 and now It’s been almost three years.

Arc.only has over half a million followers which really makes me proud when I think about where I started.


Why should designers (of any kind) invest their efforts in developing an Instagram account? Is that so important nowadays? 

Although marketing is not the first thing that a designer cares about, it is important to be aware of its power in order to grow in the field.

Since Instagram is a visual platform, it can be considered as a significant media for designers to integrate with the others.



Arc.only - Instagram Top Influencer




How do you search for content? What are your favorite sources?

Personally, I am following various architects and architecture businesses worldwide.

I look through their websites or social media pages frequently.

Also, I follow online architecture websites such as Archdaily and Architizer.

As suggestions, I receive direct messages through Instagram or e-mails.

On the other hand, I follow architecture photographers for example FG+SG, Iwan Baan and Hufton+Crow.


Which are the criteria designers should consider in order to be featured on your page? And how could they reach you and submit their work?

Mainly, I prefer to keep my Instagram page’s theme stable.

What I mean is, I choose the works which are suitable for the flow of my page.

They can DM both accounts since I reply back to them most of the time.

Also they can e-mail me through the arc.only & design.only contact e-mail address which is [email protected]



Design.only - Instagram Top Influencer



Could you give our readers 3 golden rules to properly manage their Instagram accounts in terms of content and growth?

  • Good quality pictures
  • Daily content
  • Relevant information about the posts


What are your next steps? Any new projects coming along with Instagram?

As I am currently studying my first year in architecture, I’ve just realised how much effort, time and commitment it requires.

Of course, I have couple of projects in mind, but now I am focusing more on my studies.

However, keep following the pages in order to hear about the new announcements.


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