August 21, 2016


If you were looking for a breathtaking view, this is an option

Located in the highest mount of Qanat Bakich in Lebanon, the Villa Olympea embodies beauty and sophistication.


Embedded within the topography, the composition is formed of 2 L-shaped structures interacting on the ground floor, creating an internal green patio that can be visible from anywhere in the house.

A Cedar tree, the emblem of Lebanon, have been placed in the internal patio, being the heart of the project.


The ground floor is connected to a double volume holding a mezzanine floor called the pool house, where 16 people can be seated, facing a huge indoor fireplace, and enjoy the magnificent view of Qanad Bakich mountains.

Rhythmic stairs will lead you to a 3 sides glass infinity pool, and a wooden cantilever with a pair of lounge beds.


Project Name: Villa Olympea
Location: Qanad Bakich – Lebanon
Size: 1800m2
Architects: Joy Alexandre Harb – Yanna Haddad
Website: Joy Harb