Lighting design

Assemblages lighting collection by The Back Studio

Project selected among the 10 must-see exhibitions in the Alcova design district, for our DWalking guide dedicated to Milan Design Week 2022.

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Every design week reveals an overwhelming amount of lamps with no innovative purpose, neither in form nor function, simply to provide established brands with an excuse to talk about novelties and brand new products.

This is not the case.

The Indian / Italian duo forming The Back Studio pushes the boundaries of modern industrial aesthetics using technical components, with hard cold steel and aluminum parts being the highlight, to create unseen lighting creatures that outline a completely new language of forms and materials.

Finally, the light comes from rarefied neons emitting striking blues and reds.

Over-engineered to serve a legit aesthetic purpose, these creations open the way for a whole new current in contemporary design.

Assemblages by The Back Studio
Assemblages by The Back Studio


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