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Banksy product designs are exclamations of society

World-renowned British street artist Banksy has opened an online shop selling traditional domestic products with his/her/their/its twist.

Banksy is an anonymous UK based graffiti artist with pieces dating back to the 90’s in Bristol and London areas. Banksy works have been considered vandalism, fine art, and political activist, making the mysterious artist one of the most controversial figures of the contemporary art scene.

Banksy Products mural
“Follow your Dreams – Cancelled” by Banksy – 2010. Work done in a low-income neighboorhood in Boston, USA. The piece is a comment on the “American Dream”

In 2019, after several third parties’ merchandise sales, the artist opened an official online shop to assert a position as the trademark owner of Banksy products. Entitled GrossDomesticProducts, the store complements the artist’s prolific career with product design. 

Banksy Products rat clock
“Upcycled from an office supplies store, this timepiece features a trademark Banksy rat to accurately mark our relentless and steady ticking towards the great unknown.”

The artist’s social and political commentary works have been featured on walls and streets throughout the world, usually appropriating a message to the respective location. It’s not a surprise to see a strong contemporary social satire in Banksy products.

Banksy Products store
The temporary retail store represents a showcase full of satirical messages

The first and only Banksy store worked as a temporary exhibition space for the artist’s work. The Showroom was used for display purposes only and the doors will not be open. All sales were conducted online.

Banksy Products Welcome
“This welcome mat is hand-stitched using the fabric from life vests abandoned on the beaches of the Mediterranean. Customers are advised they no longer constitute a valid buoyancy aid – although shockingly many never did – they’re cheap fakes sold by people smugglers and don’t actually float.” – Life vest not included.

The showroom “opened” in Croydon, in the south of London, UK. Banksy provided products accessible to anyone, with prices starting at £10 and going up to £850. All products sold out in a few hours after the online shop became available.

Banksy Products drones
An updated version of the classic 70’s design classic of three flying ducks – this relief wall decoration depicts a fleet of unmanned predator drones descending in formation.
Banksy Products Cushions
“Are you fed up with soft furnishings trying to express feelings on your behalf? Then let these stenciled cushions make that clear. They come as a pair but might not match as they’re painted on what gets found in the charity shop. “
Banksy Products Spray
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