Innovative artistic approaches enhance communication

Integrating design with artistic ideas and approaches would enhance the layers of expression and elevate the standards of quality.

This year – from 30 November to 3 December – Business of Design Week invites artists from different countries to share their insights into communication with the audience, the market and the wider society through innovative artistic approaches.

In BODW 2016, renowned artists who have crossed disciplines in design as well as the broader creative industry are invited to attend various forums to share their experiences and stories embedded in their distinctive creativity.

Scrutable Landscape Series No.44 by Minsuk Cho

Scrutable Landscape Series No.44 by Minsuk Cho

Hong Kong Illustrator Chasing Dream

The Communication & Design forum features Hong Kong illustrator Victo Ngai and Wesley Grubbs.

Ngai’s fascinating use of colour and imagination have brought her to the New York City to found her signatory Victo Ngai Studio.

Her achievement of personal dream-come-true is a Hong Kong story worth telling.




© Cocoon by Victo Ngai for Plansponsor


Grubbs is the founder and the creative director of the San Fransisco-based studio Pitch Interactive. He will deliver a presentation on his experience in converting infographics into visual art.


© Flight Quest by Wasley Grubbs


Former Awardee of the DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent moving forward

Chris Cheung, a former winner of the DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award, is also invited to speak at the Communication & Design forum.

Cheung first established his creative team XEX in 2007. In 2013 he further established XCEED, a creative new media brand.

His works have been exhibited around the world, such as Radiance Scape, which was invited to take part in ARS Electronica Festival 2016 at Linz, Austria.

Cheung was also appointed as artistic consultant and curator of the new media section for the first year of the HK-SZ Design Biennale.

He will share his experience in work and creativity and how he encounters the challenges in making art in Hong Kong.


© Radiance Scape by Chris Cheung


Sharing Experience of Realising Ideas

American artist Janet Echelman, who is renowned for her sculpture with the use of fishing net and light projection, will be sharing her unconventional experience of having been rejected by art schools for seven times, and then moved on to realise her ideas in creating artwork from her learning of Chinese calligraphy in Hong Kong.



© Janet Echelman

Raaja Nemani, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bucketfeet, will also share his insight into blending creativity and art with business during the Brand Asia Forum.


© Bucketfeet



In addition to the 4-day Business of Design Week Forum, Detour will also be organised to bring interactive experience to the public.

The Hong Kong Design Centre will also host various events alongside the DFA awards presentation ceremony to create a platform for manifesting the dynamic innovation and captivating design in Hong Kong, and also for facilitating the exchange of ideas and contacts among practitioners in the design industry and the creative sector in the city.

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