BODW 2016: gathering of brand experts to review and foresee the design industry

Business Of Design Week 2016 has commenced with two ‘Brand Asia Forums’ in the morning and the afternoon on 29 November 2016.

Corporate Vice President of Tencent (PRC), Julian Ma, is invited to the Forum held in the morning, where he shared with us the Tencent’s corporate strategy and experience.

At the forum, Ma prompted that “The media is changing very fast. Media is decentralised by social network and reshaped by AI. We are living in a world that media is direct and personalised. People are easily distracted by the overloaded information.”

Dedicated to the expansion of his company’s location, he has been working on how to develop a more accurate and convenient location service covering both indoors and outdoors.


Raaja Nemani, co-founder and CEO of Bucketfeet



Raaja Nemani is the co-founder and CEO of Bucketfeet where he oversees the company’s growth and development.

Founded in 2011, Bucketfeet is a footwear company that collaborates with a global community of over 40,000 artists from 120 countries to design limited-edition shoes with the goal of sparking meaningful conversations to create a brighter world.

Bucketfeet redefines the US$300B global footwear market by using new technology and its extensive artist network, in order to speed up the access to market for original artist-designed footwear products.

Responsive commerce is a new way of doing business. We only deliver the products to our customers after understanding what they desire and combining with what our brand does.”


Rowan Lodge, Head of Retail Design & Development of Australian brand Aesop


The Head of Retail Design & Development of Australian brand Aesop, Rowan Lodge, and CEO of Camper from Spain, Miguel Fluxá, are invited to the Forum held in the afternoon.

The former was once a wholesaler and then turned into a global retailer which had opened more than 120 retail stores in over 18 countries.

Aesop was eventually evolved into a global leading business in cosmetic products.

Today he discussed how he cooperated with well-known architects when he opened a new retail store:

We celebrate the neighbourhood and the streetscapes that we inhabit and add something of aesthetic merit to the streets. We communicate intellectually engaged ideas without pretension to make people feel better and improve people’s lives.


Miguel Fluxá, CEO of Camper



Migual Fluxa is a member of the fourth generation of his family business.

He has been responsible for the brand extension as well as the development of new ideas in the fields of communication, product and interior design.

He reckoned: “Camper is not just a product; it has become a Spanish Story. Three intertwined elements of Camper are Product, Communication and Architecture.

When we launched the world’s first twin shoes, we put a little bit of humour in the campaign, in which we set up a temporary shop for people doodling freely on shoeboxes hanging on the wall.”



Richard Hatter, Chairman of the Hong Kong Chapter at the Institute of Hospitality



Richard Hatter, a Hong Kong based brand manager, is active within the hospitality industry and holds the position of Chairman of the Hong Kong Chapter at the Institute of Hospitality.

He consults on Hotel ICON’s innovation strategies and is dedicated to his commitment in Hong Kong as he said, “We see ourselves as a Hong Kong ambassador, we are proud to be a Hong Kong brand



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