Burger place ChiChi 4U makes unconventional use of construction materials

ChiChi 4U shows that “strategic color is one of the most powerful tools for restaurants to use to convey an enjoyable dining experience. The selection of the right colors is very important, as it can make diners feel a wide range of emotions from very energized to relaxed, and everything in between.”

ChiChi 4U, designed by Polish architecture practice mode:lina, is a brand new burger restaurant, with a size of 40 square meter situated in the city of Poznan, Poland.

The interiors boast of an industrial yet contemporary aesthetic.
The walls and ceiling are covered with 300 bright orange coloured PVC pipes and yellow mesh panels.

As it is commonly said “we eat with our eyes” color psychology plays an important role here.
The colour orange is energizing and fun, stimulating appetite and conversations, while yellow creates a fresh and cheerful atmosphere to eat in .

The PVC pipes, which come directly from a building supply warehouse create a three-dimensional composition leaving a lasting impression in the customers’ mind.

The presentation of the menu grabs the attention as it reminds us of the yellow, black and white barricade caution tapes used in construction sites.
Around the counter, mesh panels display the content of the menu.

The architects at mode:lina managed to create a memorable visual experience for ChiChi 4U customers, complementing their delicious burgers.

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