Contrast by Debbie Wijskamp

A tactile and interactive product, which combines traditional handicraft with modern living

Designed by Dutch designer Debbie Wijskamp for Istanbul-based design brand Uniqka, Contrast is a collection of storage units, exposing the beauty in contrast: the contrast of dark and light, hard and soft, thick and thin, rigid and flexible, traditional and modern…

Made of two contrasting pieces of leather; the hard and thick piece of leather constructs the base, where the soft and thin piece of leather sits on the top of the base and creates the sleeve.

The rigidity of the bottom part allows the product to function as a container and the softness and flexibility of the upper part allow the user to interact with the product.

By folding or wrinkling, the user can define the height and form of the product. The interaction between the user and the product raises tactile stimulation, which triggers positive emotions.

Contrast combines traditional handicraft and modern living with harmony. The base of the product is made of wet-formed thick vegetable tanned leather.

The soft and delicate leather, which used in the upper part is connected to the base with hand-stitching. Contrast comes in two sizes and two colourways: brown and black.

The designer, Debbie Wijskamp, is known with her organic forms and stimulant textures. She tries to create beauty using imperfect forms. Here again, Wijskamp creates perfection in function and emotion, using the imperfection in form.

Debbie Wijskamp: “In Contrast, the emphasis on texture and tactility plays a dominant role. In today’s digital world, the need for sensory physicality is becoming more important than ever, which is crucial for us to feel human.”

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