Exploring digital crafts by Henrieke Neumeyer and Moritz Müller 

Project selected among the 10 must-see exhibitions in the Tortona design district, for our DWalking guide dedicated to Milan Design Week 2022.

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This project calls for the perfect merge between the ancient art of glass blowing with the modern manufacturing of 3D printing to produce a collection of drinking glasses and vases.

The creation of each piece starts with a 3D-printed ceramic mold where the glass will be later blown inside.

To prevent the glass from sticking to the mold or damaging the piece because of the heat, Henrieke and Moritz thought of a chimney-like system with horizontal and vertical lines through the mold; these will gracefully appear on the final product like traces traveled, a reminder of the absent material.

converging disciplines - exploring digital crafts _ glass blowing + 3d printing _ MIlan Design Week _ Tortona

The marks of the two techniques separated after production but that will always be present in the object. 

This project is one of the winners of the ein&zwanzig competition, which offers design students and graduates a platform to present themselves effectively to the public thanks to the German Design Council.

The exhibition is presented at the TORTONA ROCKS venue.


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