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Cross by Nishihara Kai for bud brand

Project selected among the 10 must-see exhibitions in the Tortona design district, for our DWalking guide dedicated to Milan Design Week 2022.

Download our DWalking guide (pdf, mobile-friendly) with all the info for visiting.

The inspiration behind this partition comes from the Japanese traditional Kumiki technique: “Jigoku-Gumi” a method of assembling grooved wood in a staggered manner without using nails or adhesives.

It is called “Jigoku(Hell)-Gumi(Assembling)” because it is difficult to remove once assembled.

Nishihara thought of a partition made of two types of members made of different materials:

  • the wood member is produced by the traditional manual woodwork of the Japanese shrine carpenter
  • while the transparent acrylic member is made possible by the precision of the 3D cutting machine, showing us the craft and modern beauty.

The connection of the members in a staggered manner makes this piece self-supporting, which can also be freely expanded according to the size and application of the space, inviting the user to participate in the assembling.

The transparent acrylic and the gaps between the members give space to a visual experience where the background gently changes depending on the user’s point of view.

Cross got an honorable mention on the bud brand Award 2022; a project for the next generation of talented Japanese creators.

The theme for this year was pause/margin ” ␣ ” inviting designers to make everyday life more enjoyable. Not to rush, appreciate each moment as unique, as ephemeral.

Cross by Nishihara Kai for bud brand _ MIlan Design Week _ Tortona
© bud brand
© bud brand


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