September 21, 2019


The product was designed in two different forms of “folding techniques” to save space and increase storage.

In addition, this design also provides another element of “safety”, that is not applied in normal pet bag.

Usually smaller pets (such as cats or small dogs) will be afraid of unfamiliar space when they first go out, because there is no familiar smell in the space, and will make them afraid to go out of the bag or out of the cage.

Furthermore, cause Separation anxiety disorder on the pets. Due to the rapid changes in social patterns, the role of pets in the family has become increasingly important.

So far, in Taiwan, where pets are gradually gaining attention, there is a great interest in this big pie for this consumer market.

Nowadays, young people in society like to be friends with pets, young couples regard pets as child-like care, and elderly people living alone are accompanied by pets because their children and grandchildren are not around, making society demand pet supplies.

The market has developed economic value for the development of goods for pet food and clothing.