Functional Design at the intersection of craft and technology

Savant Pourover by The-Bright Angle - Kevin Eubanks

The Bright Angle is a handmade design brand combining craft and technology to create small-batch handmade goods

This remarkable collaborative series utilized 3D design and printing paired with centuries-old ceramic production techniques to create functional pieces for modern living.

Their new collection – called TBA One – includes:

  • a lovely touch-lamp
  • a dapper pourover coffee kit
  • a swiveling jewelry box
  • and some other pieces

The Bright Angle is excited to reveal TBA One for the first time on Kickstarter.


Touch Lamp by The Bright Angle - Kevin Eubanks

Touch Lamp



“We want to share the joys of using things made by hand, to contradict disposable culture. We want you to connect to the maker of your belongings.

— Nick Moen, founder/CEO of The Bright Angle

The process begins as an idea, collaborating with local artists on each design.

The designs go through dozens of iterations and the best are rendered digitally and 3D printed.

Molds are made of the printed models and their finished form is high-quality porcelain.

What makes the process unique is that every step is done in-house by artists in Asheville, North Carolina.



Savant Pourover Coffee by The Bright Angle



It took a year for the Bright Angle team to build the whole studio and get the new collection designed.

They are currently  working on different solutions to drinking coffee in style, burning candles elegantly and lighting spaces that feel good.

The focus is not on just one design, but the aim is creating an entire lifestyle collection which can be expanded.





The team is now looking for support on Kickstarter, where they launched their first campaign.

You can pre-buy the collection and thus enable The Bright Angle to start the production and create even more products with an unforgettable user experience.

Ultimately, the success of this project will allow them to collaborate with more artists moving forward and continue to build on the collection.


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