September 17, 2019

The brand-new boutique Burma is an extension of the famous Dubai Mall. In a space of about 100 square meters, the initial Parisian concept store developed for this brand exists in an entirely different dimension.

Suspended elliptical displays float alluringly in the monumental store windows. Inside, the interplay of curves dressed in perforated, lacquered metal grace the entire boutique from floor to ceiling.

The matte black of the furniture is echoed in the oval display windows that accompany visitors like a portrait gallery.

The undulations of the walls provide a sense of rhythm to space and conceal the alcoves, more private spaces for the presentation of unique items, small salons, and VIP spaces.

The variable reflecting moquette provides a soft, enveloping atmosphere. The whole is sober and precise, creating an exceptional universe that is perfect for contemplating jewelry and which harmonizes with the codes of the brand.