December 4, 2017

With its fluid shape and elegant lines, this is one really good looking hand warmer.

Cold hands are probably the worst thing about winter.

Some people’s hands get very cold and the solutions aren’t usually that convenient.

There are probably better ways than sitting on your hands or rubbing them together.

Luckily for all these people, Cieplik brings on the market a very well designed hand warmer.


Cieplik Hand Warmer - Katarzyna Giedroyć


An Elegant Solution to a Common Problem

Designed by the Polish design student Katarzyna Giedroyć, within the Interior and Industrial Design Dept. of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Cieplik is an example of brilliantly simple design.

This hand warmer is made of two parts, a base plate and a layered, cone-shaped ceramic cover.

The base plate is used for placing a candle, which serves as the heat source.

Thanks to the unique design of the stacked, ceramic cover, the heat is dispersed evenly.


Cieplik Hand Warmer - Katarzyna Giedroyć


The shape and heat conducting properties of this beautiful cover make the difference between warming and grilling your hands.

The even heat dispersion allows Cieplik to stay hot enough to keep your hands warm without burning them.

Without such a smart material utilization, getting such a comfy hand warmer wouldn’t have been possible.


Cieplik Hand Warmer - Katarzyna Giedroyć


Cieplik Hand Warmer: Form meets Function

Aside from warming your cold hands in winter and providing a good solution for this problem, Cieplik looks really good.

With its fluid shape and elegant lines, this is one really good looking hand warmer.

When a lit candle is placed inside, Ceiplik also has a soothing illumination effect that gives it a dual function as a hand warmer and a candle holder.

Despite its sheer simplicity, Cieplik is a smart solution to a problem that annoys many people.

Noticing such problems and providing simple and convenient solutions for them are two things that make exceptional product designers.

With such a clever combination of beautiful aesthetics and convenient function, Cieplik is definitely an example of great product design.


Cieplik Hand Warmer - Katarzyna Giedroyć

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