November 27, 2016

deTour 2016 aims to erase the boundaries between art, design, technology and society.

Hong Kong’s annual creative design event, deTour 2016, running concurrently during the Business of Design Week (BODW), unveiled with a grand opening ceremony at PMQ on Thursday, 24 November, 2016.

VIP guests and creative industry leaders such as Mr. Jerry Liu, Head of CreateHK and Professor Eric Yim, Chairman of Hong Kong Design Centre, celebrated the launch of a 10-day-long series of exhibitions.

Workshops, cultural dialogues and pop-up events designed to give an entertainment and education dimension to the BODW week.


From left: Prof. Eric Yim, Mr. Jerry Liu, Mr. Stanley Chu and Mr. William To



During the evening, attendees enjoyed previewing various interactive installations including Hong Kong graphic artist Trilingua’s “Ping Bing Pong”, an unconventional circular ping pong table with a round, raised surface that allows participants to play in any direction.



This piece appears to be a perfect metaphor to the theme of deTour 2016 ­–Game Changer’, highlighting how creativity and design can change the society’s perception and behavior, and transform the way that we approach, observe and tackle problems.

In the guise of play, it shifts the paradigm, flips the script on traditional order, and reboots the system. deTour 2016, aims to erase the boundaries between art, design, technology and society.


In welcoming young and emerging local designers as well as renowned creative professionals, this festival aims to push presentations and activities to be even more inspiring, innovative and educational.

The ten-day event will continue at PMQ from 24 November to 4 December.

Numerous exhibits will increase awareness of the importance and relevance of design in urban living, sustainability and cultural identity.

With creative displays that range from spectacular and complex, to playful and touching, deTour aims to harness a captivating atmosphere and transformative experiences that arouse public consciousness, and to influence dynamic thinking.

With a goal of changing and opening up minds and attitudes, deTour 2016 will promise to be a ‘Game Changer’!

Mr. William TO, Director, Creative & Programme of PMQ

Mr. William TO, Director, Creative & Programme of PMQ