June 10, 2019


Dogmade is a Swedish startup with a simple goal: Make beautiful art for dogs and their humans.

At Dogmade, you can create your own personal artwork through a few simple steps.

Pick your dog breed, choose your favorite style, select color and if you like, you can even add a personal text like your dog’s name.

“It all started with our dog Peanut. Her first birthday was coming up and I wanted to get my girlfriend and myself something to celebrate our first year together. With a background in graphic design, I ended up creating a portrait of Peanut myself and we proudly hung it on our living room wall. A few months later, my friend Jan saw the portrait and had an idea – Wouldn’t it be cool if anybody could have a personalized portrait of their dog at home? And just like that, Dogmade was born.” Emil Tiismann, co-founder.

Every artwork is individually created by artist and co-founder Emil Tiismann. Dogmade currently has a collection of over 50 dog breeds and they have vowed to not rest until all 339 official breeds are available (plus all the beautiful mutts out there).

“We want to celebrate the beauty of our four-legged companions and the joy they bring us. And what better way to celebrate that beauty than through a modern and elegant portrait?” Jan Van Helleputte, co-founder.

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