November 22, 2016

An innovative levitating lamp, crystal-shaped, that exemplifies the evolution within interior design.

Glow is a catalyst for altering our outlook on lighting products from mere stagnant and mundane objects of décor to animate and visually stimulating articles which are a marriage of design and technology.

This innovative levitating lamp is a contemporary crystal-shaped design that exemplifies this evolution within interior design and is at the forefront of this change.




What makes Glow unique:

  • Glow is a levitating, rotating crystal that expels a beautiful warm calming light
  • The synthetic material of which the crystal is made from illuminates the lamp, hence, creating a ‘glow’.
  • The strength of the light is interchangeable with a tap switch:
    • Mode 1 – Full lighting – a warm colored task light (400 lumens)
    • Mode 2 – Soft Glow – mood light
  • The lights are diode emitting low energy lights, meaning they are able to be powered by lithium batteries whilst releasing a bright light source, allowing the product to be functional as a task light.
  • After a full charge, the crystal can last up to a maximum of 80 hours depending on the modes of usage
  • Grab the crystal and it becomes a wireless lamp
  • The Glow Crystal is fitted with a high strength neodymium magnet, allowing it to be easily attached to any metallic surface




Glow is a Tokyo based company infusing refined interior and product design.

This infusion is possible due to the vast knowledge of our small international team offering experience in architecture, furniture design and the engineering industry.

Integrating our shared appreciation for minimalism, functionality and leading edge technology distinctly gives our designs a unique identity.

You can also find Glow on Instagram.

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