April 27, 2017

Over 1 million design lovers and counting. He surely knows how to feed your passion for architecture and design

Here I am with a new top Instagram influencer’s interview.

Design is a niche with many high quality accounts – on Instagram – and Architecture & Design is one of those.

With +870k followers (at the moment), it is a great source of inspiration, managed with passion and perseverance.

What I personally love of it is the ability of keeping a high level of selection while showing a wide variety of architectural projects.

Moreover, Anil – the page owner – can definitely be considered my first-steps mentor on Instagram.

When I just started my page, I reached him out looking for advices and support, and since then we have been talking and sharing useful insights.

I say this to confirm how ‘small’ Instagram is and, if you work hard and build genuine and honest relationships, it becomes a super valuable community.

I already published 3 interviews with top architecture & design Instagram influencers and you can find them here.

This is the fourth and I definitely hope you will enjoy it too!


Architecture & Design - Instagram Influencer - Interview



More about Architecture & Design

  • Name: @architectanddesign
  • Owner: Anil BAYRAMIC
  • Founded in: 2014
  • About: Architecture & Design
  • Mision: showing the best architectural project to the world


Ciao Anil, why did you decide to start an Instagram account about architecture & design? What were your initial goals?

Because I have been in love with architecture since I was at the high school.

I was already following several pages on Facebook and, at one point, I decided to start my own account. It was at that time, in 2014, that I checked Instagram to see what the offer was and I figured it out that there were not many of them. 

The next step was clear to me: I wanted to feed my passion and this is how I started the ‘Architect & Design’ page.



Instagram Influencer - Architecture & Design - Interview


How much work does Instagram require to grow like you did?

This always depends on the person and his goals.

I wanted to do a great job and for this reason, since the very beginning, I have been working a lot to make it an exceptional page.

If you believe you can make a great job, then you do it. This does not mean just dreaming of it, but adding a piece everyday. So doing, you will find yourself growing a lot since your community will trust you. 


Why should designers (of any kind) invest their effort in developing an Instagram account? Is that so important today?


I think that if you are an architect or a designer, a Instagram account is a must for your business and brand.

The channel is growing a lot, reached in these days over 700 million users, and it can definitely drives a lot of opportunities to your business. 

It gives you the chance to easily show your works, reach out big pages to submit your projects and create targeted leads for your company.

It makes it very easy for a designer to make his brand known on an international level. 



Instagram Influencer - Architecture & Design - Interview



How do you search for contents? What are your favorite sources?

I am always searching for contents on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, for daily and best designs.

In addition, I go to Youtube for creative and popular architecture and design videos.  


Which are the criteria that a designer should take into consideration to be featured on your page? And how could I reach you and submit my works?

First of all, let me say that I respect every design, good or bad, since I appreciate the effort that the designer puts in it. 

On a practical level, anyone interested in submitting his works can do it by writing at [email protected] 

I daily check the submissions and do a selection. My favorites will be posted, generally talking, within a week. 


Instagram Influencer - Architecture & Design - Post



Could you give our readers 3 golden rules to properly manage their Instagram accounts in terms of contents and growth?

  1. Always be yourself. You can follow others’ pages, be inspired, but work to show your specific identity. That’s what people stick at!
  2. Always use relevant hashtags in your pictures or videos. You can search for the most used hashtags by checking out your niche (#architecture, #design, etc.) and then use them for your contents
  3. The third one is not mine, but definitely my mantra: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

What are your next steps? Any new project coming along with Instagram?

Last June, 2016, I created my second account – @p.roduct (+234k followers) – and it’s going very well. In it, I mostly shared projects about product design.

At the moment, I am focused in developing ‘Architecture & Design’ along with ‘P.roduct’, more than launching new projects.

In any case, we will live and see 🙂


Instagram Influencer - Architecture & Design - P.roduct



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