September 8, 2019

A family of folding stools designed to fit all home corners

The folding stool, iconic design in the sector, just received a Red Dot Design
Award 2019.

An elegant and colorful folding stool that supposes a different solution because its design that hides all the structures and hinges making it a foldable but strong stool capable of supporting up to 150kg.

Also thanks to its design, the object looks like one volume when it’s folded and the two external faces work also as a protection of the intern elements.

This design is also a challenge for its folding system that it’s been designed to make a self-folding stool that can be folded by its movement, only pulling the handles.

This family of designs is composed of 4 stools of different sizes all, inspired by the home-style and giving to the product a funny touch through the election of the colors.

All of the stools have in common the gray surface with the optimal percentage of this color to don’t perceive the uncleanness.

Moreover, regarding the color touch, we opted for a mate touch giving to some details a brilliant finish.

Thinking of the current nomadic trend this stool is designed to fit our changing lives.