Köllen is a modular and interactive bookshelf

It is formed by pieces that can be placed differently depending on the objects put on it.

Köllen Bookshelf boasts an interactive, modular design that can be adapted to the user’s need.

It consists of a set of decorative pieces that can be placed differently depending on the objects placed on it.



The bookshelf can be used in two possible positioning – vertical and horizontal.

The vertical positioning of the strips gives a sensation of dynamism to the shelving unit.

It offers a firm support for relatively high objects.

On the other hand, the horizontal position is meant for the traditional usage of a bookshelf.

Meanwhile, strips or edges can be used as hangers in this position.




The product has been designed by Oriol Campillo Mestres, Núria Jané Ballarín, Adrián Soldado Cid and Paula Terra Bosch, four young entrepreneurs and students of the degree in Industrial Product and Graphic Design in EINA, University Centre of Art and Design of Barcelona.

The project is currently live on Kickstarter.



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