July 8, 2019


Lee Broom created one of his most significant landmark exhibitions to date with ‘Park Life’.

Presented with Space Furniture in Australia, the showcase was set within the urban surroundings of an underground car park.

The 4,000 square feet presentation is the largest show Lee Broom has created.

The British designer transformed the industrial car park and created a contemporary interpretation of a traditional garden park.  

Park Life’ takes the form of a maze, which guides guests on a poetic journey of discovery through hidden passageways, featuring 16 tableaus and vignettes showcasing the brand’s lighting, furniture, and accessories in a whole new light. 

The exhibition is inspired by the pleasure gardens of the 18th century which were laid out with mazes and miniature waterways.  

These were the places to be seen and to see the latest in art, architecture, music, and illuminations.  

In much the same way that visitors were entertained in pleasure gardens centuries ago, this modernist interpretation creates a sense of escapism, amusement, and drama for which Lee Broom’s shows are best-known for.

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