December 8, 2016

25th International Trade Show of Lighting Equipment LIGHT 2017; March 22nd – 24th; Warsaw Exhibition Centre EXPO XXI, Poland

LIGHT trade show – organized by SOMA – is considered to be the biggest branch event in Poland and third in Europe.

While companies around the world are cutting their expenses, Polish producers think of expanding. The global crises did not reachePoland – while the consumer moods are getting worse and worse in Western Europe, Polish buyers made Poland the buying and investment leader

Reasons to attend LIGHT 2017 trade show:

  • Over 450 exhibitors
  • Showcase of achievements of lighting, power and control systems
  • LED and OLED systems presentation
  • 20 seminars and conferences for industry professionals
  • Special meetings for designers and architects
  • Trainings for representatives of local authorities and road managers
  • Awards for the best innovative products and technologies
  • Open Interior design exhibition
  • Held parallel to ELECTRICITY 2017


27.01.2016 WARSZAWA TARGI ŚWIATŁA fot.Dariusz Kulesza


The Trade Show LIGHT is your way to meet leading producers, distributors and all pros interested in lighting and electric fittings as well as the renewable energy equipment.

Trade Show LIGHT 2017 will welcome you with:

  • Innovative products
  • Great design solutions
  • High quality items at very competitive prices

This is the place to meet face-to-face with the main pros and scout for interesting new business connections. Three days of networking which can expand during the rest of the year.

The next year’s edition expects to gather 450 leading manufacturers from all over the world, exhibiting within an area of over 15 000 sq.m. 

LIGHT is not only the exhibition with 24-year-old tradition, it is the trade show which is combined with several conferences, workshops and seminars for more than 1.500 participants.

LIGHT 2017 will be accompanied by another cuncurrent event: ELECTRICITY 2017

For more info, visit the official website of the LIGHT.