June 10, 2019


MAGCON is an innovative mini magnetic compass designed for designers, artists, architects, and students.


Designed for portability, MAGCON is intended to be a daily-carry stationery item which can be easily slotted into a notebook.

It works both as a straight and curved metallic ruler as well as a compass. It allows you to draw perfect rounds and patterns effortlessly.

Materials: The central cylinder is made of stainless steel, while the two accompanying wings are made of aluminium with anodized finishing. Both are CNC-machine made with precision measurements. 

Two Attachable Wings

The multi-functional wings are the cornerstone to the functionality of this product. It gives you the flexibility to use the wing that meets your needs, either to draw straight, curved lines or angles. In this project, we are providing two wings for a variety of functions. Both wings are suitable for A4 size paper sheets.

Wing 1 – Compass / Straight ruler 

The first attachable wing is a reinvention of the traditional compass. It allows you to draw perfect circles, from radius 16mm to 80mm (holes are spaced at 4mm increments). It also doubles as a ruler, which allows you to draw straight lines, angles and beautiful arcs.

Wing 2 – Curved wing

The second wing gives designers the flexibility to draw beautiful curves and angles. Curved lines, arc, ellipses, hexagons, and circles can be drawn from radius 18mm to 77mm.

Designers can choose either, or both, of these wings for their creations. 

How to draw angles 

1. Start at 360 degree for the starting point 
2. Rotate and draw an arc 
3. Stop drawing until you want the angle. 
4. Finally, draw two straight lines and get radius and angle. 

MAGCON vs. the conventional compass

MAGCON is a highly portable multi-functional stationery item with many new capabilities as compared to the traditional compass. It doesn’t perforate the paper as it has no sharp point, and yet is still stable due to the stickiness under the rolling base. 

Given MAGCON’s unique additive design, new wings with exciting innovative features can be added in the future for a wide range of your needs.