September 29, 2016

The Miss Understood tables can easily fit into any given space and style

Combine both the coffee and the side table sizes for a more playful approach.

The Rockabillies tables from the fifties had always captivated Tcherassi Vilató´s attention with their colorful spirit, peculiar shapes and materials.




It served as a great inspiration, leading the designers into wanting to create their very own table, one with a very classy and playful twist, adapted to todays materials, technologies and needs.




The Miss Understood tables reflect Tcherassi Vilató‘s spirit: young, playful, functional and different.






Our artistic ways, background and passion has led us to create products rich with a youthful flavor though very grounded to taste and values.” say Angélica Tcherassi and Jacob Vilató on their website.

The brand Tcherassi Vilató was born in 2013 as a new branch of their architectural studio TCHV.