July 7, 2017


Pelcraft Wall Feature has won Sliver Prize in Italy A’ Design Award & Competition

By using Pelcraft modules, people can create their own unique piece of art, enjoy the process of design and installation with beloved family and friends.

The concept was inspired by Pixel Art, while everyone is pursuing high resolution of photos, films and games in their lifestyle.

On the contrary, the concept of “Pelcraft” is intent to be entirely different to the trend of nowadays, it is a combination of modules that you select very much like mosaic or puzzle.


Pelcraft Wall Feature


They believe abstraction of images or patterns is a kind of beauty which reserves a space for imagination.

There are 4 types of modules, the size of one piece is 50mm square and available in 57 colours, the diversity of combination of Pelcraft can be transformed and fit in different styles of space.

Modules are 3-dimensional, by making a good use of this, it can be enhanced the texture of the wall and to be achieved the best result of lighting effect.

Modules are made by EVA form, it is an eco-friendly material, super light-weight, durable and sound absorbing.



Extensive use of Pelcraft modules in room can bring the noise level down, this function is particular good for any rooms that have noise concern.

Two versions of the sticker for backing of the Pelcraft modules which depends on the use, so it can be applied for both interior and exterior.

If you have no time to work on your own design, the company conceived design templates for you to find some inspirations as well.


Pelcraft Wall Feature


You can puzzle Pelcraft modules by your own hand and enjoy these activities with your family or friends as they are as easy as a toy.

Pelcraft is like puzzles or mosaics which forms by modules, it can decorate any wall and fit any space.

It’s an interactive activity that encourages families or friends to enjoy together.


Pelcraft Wall Decor

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