September 6, 2019


The SHELF is an elegantly simple and versatile solution for home storage, organization, and décor that doesn’t require the use of tools, hardware or elbow grease for assembly/installation.

Thanks to its one of a kind patent-pending mechanism, it can automatically lock itself onto any drywall surface in one second, straight out of the box.

People on Instagram are already calling it black magic and are accusing The Shelf team of wizardry. Its no black magic, but it is a magically user-friendly furniture design built to accommodate our modern-day lifestyles.

Vasco Cabral, The designer of The Shelf, has developed The Shelf at his cabinet shop near his home in Bedford NY.

He took the knowledge and experience he gained from years of working on all phases of construction on award-winning homes in the Greenwich Connecticut area and applied it to something that useful for renters, small business owners, and homeowners.

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A Truly Innovative & Consumer Friendly Storage Solution
The Shelf, the World’s first self-mounting shelf just made its Kickstarter debut. The SHELF is an elegantly simple and versatile solution for home storage, organization, and décor.

There is no laundry list of installation instructions, no tools or assembly required, and no need to locate studs you simply place The SHELF against any drywall surface and firmly press to mount in one easy motion.

For a fraction of the price of the alternatives we believe we have a better, and more customizable solution to home storage that has the power to transform any room in your home, apartment or office.

Why We Are Different

Vasco Cabral, the creator, is best able to explain why the SHELF is a truly innovative product: “National Census data indicates that the average person moves almost 12 times in their life, and as of 2017, more people are renting than at any time in the past 50 years.

This means that people spend less time in the same place and can’t invest in renovations when they might move in just a few months. Still, very few people who are perfectly happy with their apartments as they find them, because we will always need more storage space for new purchases and changing lifestyles.

This leaves two less than ideal options. Either you buy shelving/storage units that are never the right size which you have to assemble yourself, or you pay the high price of having a professional install permanent shelves or cabinets.

The SHELF bridges this gap for both short-term and long-term residents who want to limit clutter and cut cost.

The SHELF allows you to easily install high-quality, attractive and customizable shelving that can stay put for years, then be moved to redecorate, or quickly when it’s time to go.

The minimalist design and self-contained mounting mechanism let us bring you a quality product at prices anyone can afford, and anyone can install in just seconds.

The SHELF, at its core, is a modern furniture design meant to simplify your life by being as adaptable as the people who own them”

We have opted to use only high-quality MDO, weather-resistant plywood, and never cheaper compression board. This means our shelves are water and spill resistant, with a finish up to three times more durable than comparable products.

Our one of a kind mounting mechanism is almost entirely solid hardened steel, and the simplicity of the design makes the SHELF a tightly constructed and indefinitely reusable product.

The Specs

Every shelf comes with our self-contained, tool-free mounting mechanism built in, a charging port for our increasingly wired lives and is coated in a high-gloss white enamel finish. (single shelf, 4 pack and 12 pack options)
• Small SHELF ($20.00 Early Bird): 10” inch by 10” inch frame, 6” inch depth, 15lb weight limit.
• An ideal size for by the door to leave your wallet and keys, or if you just need a convenient spot to charge your phone.
• Medium SHELF ($25.00 Early Bird): 14” inch by 14” inch frame, 8” inch depth, 25lb weight limit.
• A perfect size for a small lamp, alarm clock, a handful of kitchen supplies or toiletries. Not too big, not too small.
• Large SHELF ($30.00 Early Bird): 18” inch by 18” inch, 10” inch depth, 30lb weight limit.
• Our largest size. Well suited for textbooks, office supplies, and heftier décor. An average wine bottle comes in between 11” and 13” inches tall for reference (and storage!).

Each shelf only leaves 4 small holes One millimeter in size or 1/16”. And since it doesn’t go past the drywall conduits, plumbing, and electrical cables will never be damaged no matter where you mount the shelf.

To remove the shelf installation is simply reversed, just pull out on the outside sleeve until prongs are fully retracted.


Our Founder, Vasco Cabral, has worked in all phases of high-end residential construction on multiple award-winning homes in the Greenwich Connecticut area for years and was inspired to provide the same level of craftsmanship to the masses at an affordable price, all while making the most of limited space.

We are headquartered in Bedford Village, New York, a small town roughly an hour north of Manhattan. Assembly and design are performed 100% in the U.S. Our team includes professionals with extensive experience in residential and commercial construction, engineering, business, law, and graphic design.

Kickstarter: Kickstarter link: We Do
Instagram: Get_The_Shelf
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 914-330-4227

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