August 18, 2020

Founder of Milanese studio V12 Design, Valerio Cometti stimulates thoughts and curiosity sharing insights on design, technology and innovation in a series of short videos.

Technology, innovation, disruptive business models, rapidly changing customers’ habits….
How do you stay on top of this huge wave represented by the “digital transformation” that surrounds us all?
How do you turn this mountain of water into a beautiful wave that can be surfed without letting it morph into a destructive “tsunami”?

It requires training.
A lot of it.

Basic ingredients: curiosity and contamination.
And then you must roll up your sleeves and make your hands dirty with investigating, exploring, browsing, scouting and so on.

Here at V12 Design we decided to give you a little help: a series of “sparks” that will surely ignite your curiosity and will boost your capability of jumping on the board and surf to the shore.

Start watching our Episode 0 and then our weekly releases: remember you are here to train, it will take time, you will need to allow your muscles to grow and your coordination to perfect itself.

But stick with us and it’s going to be an awesome ride, dude!

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