October 31, 2019

Nina Edwards Anker is an architect, designer, and writer whose interests revolve around sustainable design. owner of the nea studio, based in NY, Edwards Anker’s contemporary architecture and design works have been widely published and exhibited. Their recent creation, the Vanity table is a compact yet futuristic design for smaller spaces.

nea studio, established in 2006 by Nina Edwards Anker, focuses on Architecture, Interiors, Furniture, Product Design, and also Landscape Planning. The award-winning practice operates in an environment in which project management and implementation take place in parallel with model-making, prototyping, and experimentation with ideas, materials, and manufacturing processes.

Vanity table by nea studio
Slick and monochromatic design of the Vanity table by nea studio

With a focus on sustainable design, the office maintains a cross-disciplinary nature where research and sharing ideas is an essential part of work philosophy. nea studio continues to design, develop and exhibit solar lights and furniture while practicing architecture and interior design at New Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Vanity table by nea studio
Vanity table in use for compact spaces by nea studio

This flexible, small and lightweight Vanity Table conveniently fits into small spaces. Inspired by melting snow and ice formations from the mountains of Norway, the sculptural multi-purpose table is made of wood with a high gloss finish and an aluminum-reinforced leg. The snowscape-like top integrates a bowl for cosmetics/pens/keys/floating candles, as well as a flat surface for mirror/laptop/lamp.

Vanity table by nea studio
Vanity studio by nea studio