July 29, 2020

The new visual identity of World Design Capital Valencia 2022 combines the linearity typical of the Bauhaus and the geometry characteristic of the Valencian design history.

The visual identity of Valencia as World Design Capital in 2022, conceived by graphic designer Ibán Ramón, has been rewarded with two Red Dot Awards, considered the Oscars of international design, in the brands and communication categories.

Both the graphic identity and its application on posters have received these two prizes, which represent excellence at world level, in awards considered to be an international seal of quality of good design. The selection has been made by a jury of 24 international experts from among the almost 7,000 proposals received.

Valencia World Design Capital 2020
Ibán Ramón is the designer behind the new visual identity of València World Design capital 2020

The brand is the result of different inspirations that are motivated, in turn, by the history of Valencian design based on simple geometric elements that, using letters, connect directly with the history of Valencian graphic design 

The main virtue of the brand, designed as a modular system, lies in the versatility and variability of the system, which can be adapted to different configurations and media.

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Valencia World Design Capital 2020
The new design is based on single geometric elements

“The letters of World Design Capital Valencia have been interpreted on the basis of simple geometric shapes, on a modular square grid that enables an infinite number of compositions. In fact, the abstract nature of the identity, since it is not read as an illustration or a text, will enable it to live together in the future with a wide range of images and titles.” comments Ibán Ramón.

Furthermore, its colour evokes the Mediterranean: the sand, the sea the sun. The typefaces used in the dossier are sufficiently formal while retaining their contemporary and fresh feel. The modular design of the identity opens the door to an infinite number of compositions, allowing broad development; with no specific meaning, but recognizable,” adds the designer.

Valencia World Design Capital 2020

These two international awards, for both brand and communication, show the high level of this graphic identity which, furthermore, will be required to share the limelight with the primary brand of the World Design Organization.

For Xavi Calvo, director of World Design Capital Valencia 2022, “the exercise in mouldability of Ibán Ramón’s brand enables us to conjugate both brands for the more national events at which we want to showcase both identities. In fact, this second brand provides that level of identity and self-identification in addition to the principal WDO logo that we have as the next World Design Capital, following the line of the other seven capitals,” affirms Xavi Calvo.

Valencia World Design Capital 2020
The designer has used a lot of simple geometric elements in the form of letters

The brand is the result of different inspirations that are motivated, in turn, by the history of Valencian design. “Geometry is a natural resource of graphic design, and it is also a universal language, which does not expire, it has been present since the Bauhaus. In my works there are some fundamental precedents to understand this proposal, such as We love geometry (2009).” said the designer.

Moreover, the use of simple geometric elements, in the form of letters, connects directly with the history of Valencian graphic design, which I already used in the exhibition project of La Nau “Valencia Capital of the Republic” (2016), which is another precedent. But, above all, the important thing is that the solution is not capricious, it is appropriate at this time for an event of these characteristics, owing to its universality and timelessness, which will keep it contemporary for many years,” explains Ibán Ramón.

Valencia World Design Capital 2020
The design is inspired directly from the history of Valencian grafic design

Since 1955, the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen has distinguished international product designs with the Red Dot Awards, which are presented at a ceremony organized at the Aalto Theatre in Essen, Germany. The communications and graphics category has been in existence since 1993 and is aimed at designers, institutions, emerging agencies and companies.

The winners of these awards are included in the yearbook, published worldwide, that presents the best projects in the field of design. They also benefit from being presented at the exhibitions held by the organization’s museums (located in Germany, Singapore and China) as well as having a space in the virtual exhibition of the Red Dot Organization.

Valencia World Design Capital 2020
All the awards’ winners will be included in the yearbook published by the Red Dot Organization

These awards are added to those achieved by the poster of World Design Capital Valencia 2022 at this year’s Graphis awards, with Gold for its yellow version and an honourable mention for the adaptation of the poster in grey. Both will be included in the book “Posters Annual 2021”, one of the most appreciated and widely demanded by the international graphic design industry.

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Valencia World Design Capital 2020
The design will be available both in gold and with its first adaptation in grey

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