November 7, 2019


YKMA design was founded to bring iconic design and functionality into long-lasting products. They launched their first product at the Dutch Design Week 19: the OC1 – an omnidirectional, upcycled concrete speaker.

In a world shaped by endless consumerism, where mass-produced products are the norm, there is a lack of connection between users and their products. This leads to discarding still functional products prematurely and depleting resources. YKMA design was brought to life to manifest a countermovement.

The focus lies at making handmade and long-lasting products. Attention is put into every detail of the product and the process, in order to create a strong bond with the user.

YKMA OC1 upcycled concrete omnidirectional speaker

During the Dutch Design Week 2019, in Eindhoven, YKMA introduced the OC1 loudspeakers to the public by playing the visitors’ favorite records.


OC1 – Omnidirectional Concrete Loudspeaker
The OC1 originates from the idea of using the ideal enclosure material for loudspeakers: concrete. This may seem counterintuitive, but due to the material’s stiffness and mass, vibration and resonance are minimized. This ensures only the air carries the energy of the soundwaves, which in turn leads to no loss in energy and very clear acoustics.

The concrete is sourced from demolished buildings and roads from within the Netherlands. These components are used to make a new concrete mixture, which gets cast into a mold. YKMA labeled each loudspeaker with the origin of the upcycled concrete.

YKMA OC1 upcycled concrete design

Besides concrete, copper is used to form a warm and soft contrast with the cold and raw concrete. The bottom of the OC1 is sealed off by a bi-ported acrylic enclosure, to add a hint of lightness to the heavy design. The design is made to be acoustically functional, but also to visually represent this functionality, by creating a rotationally symmetrical shape.

YKMA OC1 detail

The Sound Wave Diffuser on top reflects the sound waves towards all directions equally (omnidirectional), enabling you to place the concrete speakers nearly anywhere, in any room and enjoy a comfortable, room-filling hi-fi experience. The OC1 creates a new kind of listening experience, which is more flexible in use and spatial sounding, in comparison to conventional speakers.

YKMA OC1 upcycled concrete omnidirectional speaker design set
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