In Graz, for the 10th time, the month of May turns into Designmonat

A dense program consisting of 109 events elates design enthusiasts on site and abroad.

What can we expect of Designmonat 2018?

It includes design – among others – from China, Holland and Canada as well as the successful format “Design in the City”, in the course of which shops provide their own design contributions.


Ox-bear by Miriam Raneburger _ Design in the City 2018

Ox-bear by Miriam Raneburger _ Design in the City 2018


The program focus of Designmonat 2018 is tolerance

Among other things, this is implemented in the festival’s design, for which agency Zwupp uses design elements from flags of various countries.

The subject of tolerance will also be taken up in the exhibition “Tolerance Posters”, shown from April 27, for which graphic design icon Milton Glaser (inventor of the “I NY” type) or Herms Fritz designed pieces of work.



Tolerance Posters _ Hamzah Abdelal _ Jordan



10 years of Designmonat Graz

With a very dense program of 117 events, Designmonat Graz will ensure international awareness for the 10th time – from May 5 to June 3, the city will be put in a buzz for and with national and international creative professionals and guests from the partner cities of UNESCO Creative Cities.


Desigmonat Graz 2018 _ Tolerance


Portraits and product design

Designmonat Graz is opened on May 4 at Joanneumsviertel, together with the SELECTED exhibition, where contemporary, international interior and product design by designers from 17 nations will be part of the current show “Who are you? Portraits from 200 years” of the New Gallery.

Afterwards, the Designers’ Night takes place at Helmut List Hall.

Also on the opening weekend: Designers’ Breakfast of the Design in the City format, making 34 city shops part of Designmonat.

These presentations and meetings with designers are well received, as proved by the popular tours GrazGuides that guide visitors to design hotspots.


Plakat Kit Hinrichs _ USA

Quality of life and public space

In the course of the festival, wooden lounge furniture invite everyone to try out and experience design in the middle of public spaces.

Likewise, “Rope” – three giant ropes of 12 meters in length each – invite you to interact at Joanneumsviertel.

Shaping Human Cities is part of an EU research project and is about improving the quality of life in cities.

FH Joanneum with Erika Thuemmel and Anke Strittmatter are the network partners for Graz.

The ideas and solutions from other cities are exhibited at GrazMuseum.


Desigmonat Graz 2018 _ Tolerance


Internationally linked

The lively networking of Creative Cities does promise diversity:

Design from Montreal and Graz will be shown in the exhibition “World Wide Things” from May 4 and it should enhance the exchange between the cities and “Wuhan Design meets Graz” presents design from the Chinese city of Design – both at Joanneumsviertel.

“Dutch Design” will take center stage in a further exhibition at designforum Steiermark from May 25.

A strong region

There is also a Designmonat focus in the Hartberg-Poellau region.

The oil mill Fandler and KAPO provide a manifold program and further, with the new Andy Wolf headquarters, the region definitely arouses curiosity in terms of design aspects.


Desigmonat Graz 2018 _ Tolerance


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