EGO by Studio Drift materializes human emotions

EGO is focused on man and its internal world. The kinetic sculpture represents the state of the mind, its hopes, truths, and emotions.

The kinetic artwork EGO is a co-production of Studio Drift and Opera2Day. The work initiated in January as the first performance stated in Netherland Wilmink Theater Enschede. 

Founded by Dutch artists Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta, Studio Drift is exploring the concepts of man-made and nature in their experiential sculptures, performance, and art installations. 

An integration of man-made materials and natural elements is presented to re-establish the connection between humans, wilderness, and technology. 

EGO is a kinetic sculpture representing the human’s state of the mind and how its rigidness switches from one perspective to another, exposing emotions and human mechanisms such as an individual’s fears, hopes, and states of loneliness.

EGO by Studio Drift
EGO accentuates the emotional journey as it materializes the inner and intangible realities

More than 16 km of hair-thin Japanese fluorocarbon lines, woven with Studio Drift’s own weaving loom, create a massive block controlled by motors and software.

EGO by Studio Drift
As the main character perspective on life changes so does the EGO kinetic sculpture

For each different emotional state, a different algorithm leads the block to switch shape. The choreography is composed of specific states of the mind performed by 10 dancers alongside 10 singers. 

EGO kinetic artwork by studio drift
EGO was developed for Monteverdi’s Opera L’Orfeo, 1608, considered the world’s oldest opera

EGO juxtaposes opera, performance art, and technology, through one of the oldest operas, L’Orfeo, reinterpreting choreography and music in a contemporary way. Trough the live performance, Studio Drift makes a clear statement of how much an individual’s emotions impact the rigid human body and its fragility.

EGO by Studio Drift
EGO turns emotions, their flow, and fragility into a visual artwork

Studio drift and its works such as EGO take inspiration from the power of technology and the silence of nature and merge them to create extraordinary experiences.

Like in the “Materialism” sculptures, Studio Drifts reveals the essence and unseen levels of life.

EGO by Studio Drift
As other Studio Drift works, EGO combines the power of technology, man and nature into an extraordinary and memorable experience