The future of living and the planet of the future, this year’s theme at space&interiors

The Future of Living will be on display from 17 – 21 April at The Mall, Porta Nuova, Milano.

Mars, materials, solutions, innovations, reveals a new perspective on future habitation and living and enable us explore the possibility to expand human colonization to another planet.

A curated view on the potential of living on Mars by Stefano Boeri Architetti. According to Boeri, an imaginary constructed city on Mars can act as a catalyst for a new way of life on earth.

Science fiction based concepts on living provide the framework for the latest selection of high-tech and low-tech materials and products that space&interiors presents.

Mars: a Utopia for Future Living

In a world where climate change and rapidly advancing technological developments are becoming the order of the day, the concept of life on Mars is more relevant than expected.

NASA has been exploring the possibility to settle on Mars for years.

Building on these developments, Stefano Boeri Architetti presented in collaboration with the Tongji University’s Future City Lab a provocative hypothesis in which a ‘New Shanghai’ was conceptualized on the Red Planet in 2117.

Envisioning a city from scratch on another planet without restrictions, can trigger change on earth.

Boeri elaborates.

The exhibition of space&interiors lays bare the parallels between these speculative concepts of homes and cities at unknown places and contemporary interior design solutions.

The resultant exhibition triggers its visitors to look from at homes, cities and living in general from a whole new perspective.

The Future of Living _ space&interiors by Stefano Boeri Architetti _ Milan Design Week 2018 _ Stefano Boeri Architetti

© Stefano Boeri Architetti

Two-Fold Ambition

At first sight it may seem contradictory to connect new trends and products with the future of mankind. However, interior design possesses the ability to adjust the way we live to future – and even current – needs. We can no longer ignore climate change and we should act on that.

adds Boeri.

Therefore, this year’s peek into advanced materials and products presented by space&interiors places a strong emphasis on innovative solutions that contribute to how we live.

Since the invention of the light bulb, lighting has been one of the most important products in our homes and cities.

It is the epitome of innovation.

The Italian brand Simes will present its latest outdoor lighting solution that should lighten up our streets in the near future.

Another confirmed participant, Oikos, gives home decorations a new dimension by combining eco-friendly and toxin free paint and the latest technology to ensure versatile textures that contribute to the well-being of every person making use of the space.

Advanced technological surfaces to decorate, protect or for self-adhesive applications in retail interiors, hospitality or office spaces are offered by the third confirmed participant, Renolit.

Boeri’s contribution to these innovative solutions is the ambition to show that Milan Design Week can in fact transcend commercial trends and novelties.

It is a platform to study the future and question our relationship with our planet.”

The Future of Living _ White Il Bianco Oikos _ BIANCO 050 _ space&interiors _ Milan Design Week 2018 by Stefano Boeri Architects

Courtesy of Oikos

space&interiors is also to present the following:

  • Bianchi Lecco
  • Essenze Art Studio
  • Garofoli
  • Matteo Brioni
  • Phonotamburato
  • Sapienstone/Iris Ceramiche Group
  • Turati & C, Rockfon
  • Velux

This is what we want to bring together with the edition of space&interiors 2018: giving overview of the latest interior design developments but keeping an eye on the wider impact it has on society and future living

Boeri adds.

Chairman of MADE eventi (organizer of space&interiors), Mr. Massimo Buccilli, underlines this ambition:

space&interiors 2018 will present high level solutions and materials that are placed in a unique context of the future that goes beyond the expectations of a normal exhibition.

We are reassured to obtain an exquisite outcome due to the art direction of Stefano Boeri and the strong cultural and architectural concept he developed.

Besides innovative solutions and materials the visitor will get insight into the current state of interior design, products and materials.

Flowers White Washed Oak by Renolit _ space&interiors by Stefano Boeri Architetti

Flowers White Washed Oak by Renolit

A Dynamic Intervention

The theme ‘The Future of Living’ redefines the trade character of the fair. An unconventional presentation model is awaiting the visitors.

The state of the art selection of interior design products will be surrounded by video projections displaying a science fiction scenery directed by Davide Rapp and Giorgio Zangrandi.

This all-encompassing atmosphere of 360-degree projections will take visitors to a new reality and will connect artificial and far-fetched concepts to realistic possibilities.

By allowing for such interplay, space&interiors will demonstrate the fact that interior solutions go hand in hand with the future of mankind.

As the borders between earth and Mars are fading, so will the future be inseparably linked to the here and now.

The Future of Living _ space&interiors by Stefano Boeri Architetti _ render

Render space&interiors, 2018

About space&interiors

space&interiors is organized by Made eventi, a company specialized in events and tradeshows for the architecture and building industry.

MADE eventi is owned by Federlegnoarredo Spa, the company which organizes Salone del Mobile Milano.

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