Takei Nabeshima Architects have unveiled their latest gravity-defying design

The proposed homes are to be built in the Spanish region of Matarraña.

This gravity-defying concrete home is part of French Developer Christian Bourdais’ Solo Houses series.

The world-renowned French developer has commissioned 15 design firms to create the ultimate holiday home.

Solo Pyramid by TNA - Gravity-Defying Design

A Gravity-Defying Design

Among the most impressive proposals is that of the Tokyo-based firm, TNA.

The Makoto Takei and Chie Nabeshima led firm has proposed an inverted pyramid holiday home that seems to defy gravity with its exotic form.

The inverted pyramid structure comprises four floors, which include a rooftop with a pool.

The rooftop pool is to overlook a spectacular view from its hillside location.

Solo Pyramid by TNA - Gravity-Defying Design

To capitalize on the house’s natural views, this TNA holiday home has angular windows cut into its sloping walls to provide some breath-taking views of the surrounding nature.

On the inside, the renderings show the house to have the same exposed concrete material on the exterior facade.

Solo Pyramid by TNA - Gravity-Defying Design

The house’s living room and entrance are overlooked by two separate mezzanines which function as living areas.

The dining room is located in the center of the ground floor and has an adjoining open kitchen.

Solo Pyramid by TNA - Gravity-Defying Design

A Collection of Extraordinary Houses

According to the Solo Houses’ website, the development is a “collection of unique secondary residences designed by the new guard of young international architects“.

The development is surrounded by 100 hectares of countryside and is located between Barcelona, Valencia and Saragossa, which makes it a prime location for such a high-end project.

Solo Pyramid by TNA - Gravity-Defying Design

At the center of this development, a Smiljan Radic designed hotel will be built to serve as a hub for the surrounding houses.

An exceptional outdoor course that will combine art and architecture will be created by the world-renowned landscape architect Bas Smets and Serpentine Galleries.

Seeing such a collection of extraordinary houses in a single development project would be really interesting.

Takei Nabeshima Architects - Gravity-Defying Solo House

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