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Heavy Lightness by Gaspar Bonta

Project selected among the 10 must-see exhibitions in the Tortona design district, for our DWalking guide dedicated to Milan Design Week 2022.

Download our DWalking guide (pdf, mobile-friendly) with all the info for visiting.

Gaspar Bonta turns furniture into a dance between transparency and color with its geometric plexiglass furniture collection. 

The iridescent multi-colored surface enables the nightstand, bench, and coffee table to change color depending on the lighting conditions and angle vision, making them an ever-changing spectacle. 

Walking around the designs you can sense the synergy between density and invisibility: furniture pieces with an inner light of themselves.

Heavy Lightness by Gaspar Bonta _ Milan Design Week _ Tortona _ Photo credits Zoltán Tombor
@ Gaspar Bonta
@ Gaspar Bonta


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