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The name Cartesiano was inspired by the theories of Rene Descartes.

As Puebla positions itself as the most exciting Mexican tourist destination for culture and history, Hotel Cartesiano has just opened its doors to welcome style-conscious travellers seeking a nest of beauty and rejuvenation after immersing themselves in the vibrant city.

The historical Centre of Puebla has been recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site for its historical buildings and baroque churches, and Hotel Cartesiano is conveniently located in the heart of the city and at a walking distance from the Zocalo, as well as colorful markets, museums, art expositions and restaurants.

Hotel Cartesiano _ puebla mexico _ Cityscape

City of Puebla

Hotel Cartesiano: the concept in a name

The name Cartesiano was inspired by the theories of Rene Descartes who was one of the great scientists of the age of enlightenment and Baroque which influenced the architecture of old Puebla.

The hotel aims in fact to connect its guests with Puebla’s cultural life.

Hotel Cartesiano also incorporates the Cartesian concepts of duality between reason and emotion, and between the past and the future, and you will find these concepts to be a recurrent pattern throughout the property.

Hotel Cartesiano _ Puebla Mexico _ Esterni

© Alfredo Azar

The Architecture

The hotel’s architecture conveys the pride that Mexico has in its own traditions and how the country continuously innovates and reaches out to perfection.

The merit to merge the historical spirit of the original building with the beauty of modern forms and new elements goes to the well-known Mexican interior designer Felix Blanco, who is responsible for the creation of the prestigious property, both the building and the interiors.

Hotel Cartesiano _ Puebla Mexico _ Ingresso 2

© Kenny Viese

The talented interior designer aimed to combine all the elements of Mexican history, modern art and futuristic functionality. By walking through the property, you will find prestigious artworks made by Mexicans visual artists such as Paloma Torres, 
Marisa Torres – Virginia Chévez Monroy, José Rivelino, and Axolot collective. You will also find the finest textiles from Oaxaca, as well as ornamental objects from Jalisco and other parts of the country.

Hotel Cartesiano _ Puebla Mexico _ Esterni rooftop

© Kenny Viese

From your first step into the hotel, you cannot help but stand ajar before the wide-open space of the elegant lobby. Similar to a fine art gallery, the hotel combines precious paintings and sculptures made by the distinguished Mexican artists mentioned above, with natural elements like polished oak, light colored wood, stones and vegetation from the first courtyard, which you can spot from the huge glass windows.

I was lucky to be able to appreciate a temporary photography exposition borrowed from a prestigious gallery in Mexico City, including international names such as the timeless Helmut Newton.

Hotel Cartesiano _ Puebla Mexico _ Arte

© Alfredo Azar


Patios and courtyards showcase elements that remind us of the old times of the Baroque city. As you walk by the pathway lined by palm trees and other local plants, you notice an old “lavador” (washing place), on beautiful colored tiles, which has been turned into a fountain, evoking a past that, by all means, we don’t want to forget.

In the same way, the courtyard at the back of the property belongs to one of the two “casonas” (mansions) on whose remains the property has been built.

Here, two of the patio’s walls are decorated by colorful tiles from the old tile factory which operated in the 40s. Some tiled walls are also found in a few privileged suites.

Hotel Cartesiano _ Puebla Mexico _ Cortile

© Alfredo Azar

Winding, white, modern stairs will take you to the courtyard from the lobby level, and as you walk down the stairs, you can only stand still in contemplation. The arches of the old aqueduct are still there, having survived the latest earthquake in last September 2017.

As you look up you will notice, in a striking and appealing contrast, the modern roof top restaurant and spa separated by a spectacular blue-tiled pool and a wooden deck where guests can enjoy a relaxing break while watching the city life going by.

All the elements of the hotel’s outdoor and indoor areas blend harmoniously, and you can’t help but fall in love with the design.

Hotel Cartesiano _ Puebla Mexico _ Fontana

© Kenny Viese

The Suites

The 78 suites lined around each patio have their own individual decoration and personality. Modern, light, wooden floors, and columns brighten up the more austere and romantic stone walls.

Customized night aromatherapy, organic soap bars, and harmonized water in beautiful elegant hand-written glass bottles are part of the room amenities.

350 threads Egyptian cotton white linen cover the fluffy duvet. Elegant white vases are filled with idyllic, vintage-looking dried flowers.

Hotel Cartesiano _ Puebla Mexico _ Suite

© Alfredo Azar

The lightening is produced by a combination of seven types of hidden light, which can be dimmed as you please.

Here in your private, cozy space, the suites echo the concept of duality that is so dear to Felix Blanco: old and new, modern and vintage, functionality and style, beauty and comfort, classical sophistication and innovative audacity.

Hotel Cartesiano _ Puebla Mexico _ Suite

© Alfredo Azar

The Spa

The soul of Cartesiano lies in its spa, which integrates architecturally and conceptually with the hotel’s overall style.

From the moment you step into the reception, you are transported into a whole different world of bliss and positive vibrations.

After filling out a special form to help the therapist to personalize your service, you move to a mystic ritual in the garden to initiate your healing journey, and you then walk the sinuous path which leads to the lockers and private massage rooms.

A few simple decorative objects are also strategically chosen and placed to remind you to focus on yourself and stay in the here and now while pointing towards your chosen direction.

The simplicity of the Spa structure is well-paired by a broad selection of sophisticated, holistic treatments that were mindfully crafted by Spa expert Bonny Backer, on the basis of the Cartesian Coordinate System. Each treatment aims to enhance your inner curative power.

Hotel Cartesiano _ Puebla Mexico _ Pool

© Kenny Viese

The purpose of the treatment is to allow you to connect with your real self and to accept and honor your past while moving towards your future.

And indeed, after the first minutes of enjoying the feeling of having your muscles relax, you start to feel the energy flow through your body, mind and soul, and you enter into a whole different world of mindless bliss.

And the biggest surprise is that your treatment doesn’t end within the spa. You will perceive this overwhelming feeling of holistic well-being flowing within you throughout your stay and way after.

Hotel Cartesiano _ Puebla Mexico _ Pool External

© Alfredo Azar


You will love dining in the elegant roof-top terrace restaurant and bar, Centena Cuatro – perfect for a romantic dinner but open throughout the day, with stunning views over the city, and, if you are lucky, you will see as far as the Popocatepetl, the puffing volcano soldiering over the valley.

Have breakfast in the patio of the romantic bohemian Hercília café, surrounded by beautiful, bright, abstract paintings made by local artists.

Hotel Cartesiano _ Puebla Mexico _ Food

© Kenny Viese

Exceptional Service!

The staff’s courtesy goes beyond your expectation, from the welcoming smile of the concierge, who will greet you at your arrival and look after your well-being all through your stay with genuine care, to the kindness of the cleaning staff.

Last but not least is the exceptional graciousness of the well-trained spa team.

Hotel Cartesiano _ Puebla Mexico _ Cortile

© Alfredo Azar

The Group

The beautiful eight-month old property has the signature of the Mexican group Hamak, which is well-known for managing unique luxury properties in Mexico and Colombia.

The company’s latest child, Hotel Cartesiano, reflects their ambition to create an even more unique idea of a hotel – as a classy, warm, cozy place that goes beyond luxury furniture and exceptional service but seeks to craft the ultimate oasis of body restoration and energy balance.

We can’t wait to visit Hamak’s next creation.

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