London Design Festival 2019 -Wave Murano Glass presented Tamarindo

Wave Murano Glass, founded by master glassmaker Roberto Beltrami took part in the London Design Festival 2019 together with DesignItaly, presenting Tamarindo: a line of sandblasted Murano glass vases.

On the occasion of the 2019 London Design Festival, Wave Murano Glass participated in the I-MADE exhibition. 

Among the products on display, Wave Murano Glass presented Tamarindo, a line of sandblasted glass vases. These massive decorative pieces are blown using the “Rostrato” technique, in which each vase is covered by bits of hot glass and each spike is then pulled and sculpted by the glass master Roberto Beltrami.

Tamarindo vases are available in different colors: white, black, green topaz, smoke amber, ruby topaz and tobacco.

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