The Chocolate shaped building: Bize d’Amour Chocolaterie, Feed your imagination with this chocolate shaped building : Bize d’Amour Chocolaterie Chocolate Architecture: Bize d’Amour Chocolaterie

Inspired by the shape of broken chocolate, the Bize d’Amour is an iconic building in the heart of the Black sea.

The Bize d’Amour, located in Odessa Ukraine is a state of the art chocolaterie designed by the Ukraine based architects Jk Lab.
The form of the building is inspired by the appearance of chocolate when it is cut with a knife: random uneven edges.

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The location of the Bize d’Amour is breathtaking as it is built on the coastal area on a hill and overlooks the panoramic view of the Black sea through its windows.

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The asymmetrical structure is divided into two floors: the first floor is a confectionery with freshly baked tempting croissants, cakes and handmade chocolate.
While the second floor is a museum of modern confectionery where visitors can learn more about the art.

Bize d'Amour Chocolaterie - 3 -

Another resemblance to the chocolate pores is the lights used to illuminate the facade which is made of a modern exterior material.
The strategic lighting changes the appearance of the building during the night and attracts the attention of visitors.

Bize d'Amour Chocolaterie - 4 -

The white elements in the interiors of the Bize d’Amour remind us of the white nougat while the delicate brass details take you back to the feeling of opening a chocolate wrapped in golden foil.  

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