The IP Knife is futuristic, yet almost paleolithic too

Bringing an old-world charm to a product, but without compromising on its futuristic appeal.

Klivisson Campelo, founder and design of Brazilian studio Monkiy’s Design, designed the ‘IP Knife’.

The knife design looks and feels like a piece of stone age weaponry thanks to the carved, geometric design that is inspired by the aesthetic of the aero head.

The ‘IP Knife’ is meant to provide a modern yet comfortable means of chopping in the kitchen. Intended to be held various ways to obtain the desired form, the ‘IP Knife’ is a modern knife design that appeals through design yet satisfies with precision.




Although conceptual, it’s certain that the ‘IP Knife’ would be coveted by chefs alike thanks to the design and purported function of the product.

Taking inspiration from the chiseled appearance of stone-age tools, the IP Knife brings that raw geometry to a clean design, creating something that’s minimal to look at, but filled with meaning!




Via Beautiful Life

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