The majestic copper waves of the Isenberg School of Management

“In the Isenberg School of Management, the Business Innovation Hub glows from the life within—appearing as an inviting beacon on the campus and creating a lasting impression for campus visitors, staff and students.”

The Isenberg School of Management recently doubled the schools present floor area by adding 6,500 square meters of study and social space for the Business Innovation Hub. This extension cost nearly $62 millions.

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The expansion and renovation of the Business Innovation Hub at the Isenberg School of Management of the University of Massachusetts Amherst is the result of the collaboration between the Danish group of architects, designers, and builders Bjarke Ingles Group (BUG) and New York-based Goody Clancy, architecture and planning firm specialized in learning & teaching spaces.


The copper cladded structure is a direct extension of the school existing building, a flexible space that would inspire and facilitate collaboration among students.

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There is a geometric twist to the design.
The façade of the building is wrapped in straight pillars that slowly slope downward, shaping the triangular glass entrance by a domino effect.

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The students and faculty are welcomed by the Learning Commons, a multifunctional space to study, relax, network and dine, also used as a venue for events like award ceremonies and career fairs.

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A courtyard in the center connects the new and old university buildings via two pathways.  
The two buildings are also connected with bridges above the paths: the smaller bridge glazed with glass is purely for aesthetics to allow seamless continuity, while the larger bridge covered in copper becomes the gateway to the courtyard.


A strong visual effect on the interior is created by the dynamism of the façade, where the rooms are designed with a soft curve, and the ceiling height grows taller as the pillars straighten.

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“Daylight peers between the accordion-like pillars to illuminate the multi-story atrium, where the heart of the business school hums with students learning, networking and dining.”

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“There’s no other building at UMass amherst that’s going to look remotely like this” – Roger Goldstein from Goody Clancy.

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