Holographic technology and heritage for a new type of landscapes

A new interactive relationship between people and the landscape, in real time and space.

Embodyment is the very basis of experience” – Nick Crossley

In LandmArch. we think that the interaction between the built environment, as it will be perceived in the near future through holographic technology, and people, is the key to a new kind of social behaviour.

An important task of office is to forecast a new type of landscape that will lie between reality and optic illusion and create a new dialogue between past and present, where people can move between this specific landscape and cherish this new experience “eyes free”.

Our aim is, soon, to transform this idea from science fiction to science fact.


This landscape can be part of the existing heritage of a place, in order to create a task between the “old” and the “new”.

Using as a medium contemporary technologies, such as the use of three-dimensional holograms in portions of monuments that has been destroyed or stolen.

So doing we can restore digitally their complete, original image, we can already foresee what we call “the revision of archaeological sites“.

The three-dimensional technology, as a volume-image, will correspond to the initial state of the monuments, which has been split up by the passing of time, so that the visitor will be able to move between a seminatural-semidreamy landscape, where the boundaries of both material and immaterial world will correlate.

The idea of this new interactive relationship between people and the landscape, in real time and space, is something extremely innovative regarding the new perception of the world, which is under constant change and redefinition, as technological evolution moves constantly on and on.

The term ‘hologram’ is derived from two Greek words ‘holos’ meaning whole or complete and ‘graphos’ meaning an image.

The term therefore describes a recorded image which is complete, in that it shows the whole volumetric space of the object or image, as opposed to a conventional picture, painting or photograph which displays an object from a single viewpoint.



LandmArch. is a newly established practice for urban design, landscape architecture and architecture based in Athens/Greece.

Its presence aims to create a new status for open space projects of big and small scale.

In LandmArch. we focus on the importance of the interaction between the built environment and its social impact, as “places” create social behaviours and social behavious create “places”.

Embracing the use of Arts and contemporary technology, we aim to reveal a new, interactive and creative relationship between people and their environment, taking always into consideration the importance of the “genious loci”.

Our team is ready to support you with solutions of high quality. Both designers and manufacturers have shown a great potentiality towards prominent results on landscape projects of public and private use.

Concept: LandmArch. Landscape Architecture
3d design: UCADP
Location: Greece
Year: 2016

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