MADRRE by Tucurinca

All wire is hand bent. Precision is a job of the hands; not of the machine. Curves and angles are not perfect but they work well and the chairs look good.

We buy steel rods, the same are used for construction; nothing special. We bend, weld, paint and weave.

Acute angles tend to be easier for us. We are able to get more accuracy. That is one of the reasons for the angular corners on the shape of the MADRRE. We play to our virtues and capacities.

Nothing more or nothing less; it is what it is.

One of the original models found on the streets of Santa Marta is a rocking chair with a headrest. This rocker is so comfortable that you will easily find people in the streets taking a nap on one of them.

I’ve been flirting with producing a chair in the one you can take a nap comfortably. 

And I mean producing because I don’t believe we design. For us, for Tucurinca, design is a reaction to production.

We can only design pieces we are able to produce in our factory.

This is the only constraint; each piece is prototyped with the real deal. No plywood, paper or 3d models.

We just go for it until we get it.

Some times we don’t get it.

So in this sense design is so connected to our manufacturing that it doesn’t feel as design; it is not as precise. It is indeed design but the feel in our process comes out naturally; it just flows back and forth in the different areas of the workshop until we can seat comfortably in it.

Madre from mother, mom, mama.

Added a second R just to force the rolling R accent. 

There is only one mother. This is what MADRRE is all about.

In principle, I wanted breastfeeding, a chair for the MADRE. The equivalent of grandma’s rocking chair but in the style of Tucurinca.

We’ve had requests of this type of chair for a while but the prototyping process stagnated permanently.

We added a backrest so the chair will let you take a nap easily, and also an ottoman is included with the chair. 

Finally MADRRE didn’t end up being a rocking chair but a very comfortable armchair.

We prototype with eagerness but calmness; for short and intense periods; there is always a lot of uncertainty.

In the end MADRRE did not end up being a rocking chair but a very comfortable armchair.

Instagram @tucurinca Photo Credits: Rafael Zúñiga

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