Minimal calculator concept for Xiaomi by Marco Schembri

Designer Marco Schembri developed a minimal design concept for a Xiaomi calculator entitled the Xiaomi Mi08, introducing a new user experience

Instead of the traditional calculator with a number keypad, Marco Schembri – for his minimal calculator, took inspiration from vintage rotary telephones dial experience, adopting a wheel touch sensor, enabling the user to select the numbers without typing in buttons, resembling the physical interface of the iPod Classic.

Through the Xiaomi Mi08, the designer developed a minimalistic, futuristic and retro look.

Unlike other calculating devices, the project offers a new way to interact with the mathematical object, giving a new user experience to such a common object.

The minimal calculator by Schembri, which is still a concept, can perform basic calculations and could be a great gift for any student, office worker or minimal design aficionado.

Minimal calculator concept


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