Modular design is a game that you learn in your childhood

EASYDiA + EASYoLo trigger your imagination with simple shapes and beautiful colors.

EASYDiA + EASYoLo are modular chairs and tables for children from 18 months up to 10 years, which offer space to customization and are designed under circular economy principles.

Based on a structure with patent pendant which grants stability with less material used, EASYDiA + EASYoLo trigger your imagination with simple shapes and beautiful colors, both in the Kids version (for children aged 18 months – 4 yrs) and in the Junior one (for 4 – 10 yrs).


EASYDiA Modular Chair


Their modular structure stimulates reuse, transformation, customization and imagination, that adults and children can share.

Assembling the pieces when they get the pack, customizing or replacing modules over time, disassembing their chair or table when no longer needed and giving them a new beginning, making one of our suggested products or invent new ones.

We embraced the circular economy principles because we believe that objects should never be thrown away, but always transformed,” explains Massimo Germani.

Architect and designer and co-funder at ARCADIA DESIGN by PROGETTO ARCADIA, an Italian innovative start up based in Central Italy.

Rather than fix interiors, we prefer to conceive objects that you can modify and make of them exactly what you want. So a chair and a table become a toy for children, a photo frame for the family, an armchair for young people”.


EASYDiA Modular Chair


Modularity allows storage and transportation with very limited use of space. Packages, in sustainable materials, are min 45 max 75 cm wide and only 6 – 8 cm thick.

Entirely Made in Italy within a 200 km area, EASYDiA+EASYoLo are produced with a careful selection of materials and artisans’ expertise, mixing hand and CNC machine work.

They are entirely made in solid wood, in order to limit the use of glue and make them adapt for maintenance, reuse or – just in case – sustainable disposal.

The standard version is in EU certified ash, a not too heavy and well workable wood, with bright open pore lacquered colors or just natural finishings.


Modular Furniture - ARCADIA Design Catalogue
Discover the company’s Manifesto on their official website.


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