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MOZHU – Bamboo inspired glass vases

MOZHU uses craft and glass blowing skills to produce their 100% recycled glass vases.

This design project is in cooperation with Taiwanese recycle glass factory Spring Pool Glass.

After researching glass production and recycling processes, the designers focused the design to apply craft technology and characteristics of glass itself in order to create a product which is not only functional but also expresses the charm of the glass.

The inspiration comes from oriental bamboo ink wash painting. They use craft technology and characteristics of glass to express the oriental aesthetics figured in the bamboo’s form and ink gradient color, transforming all this into modern home decoration.

MOZHU- Final vases closeup

MOZHU is made by blowing glass. During the production process, artisans need to blow two identical pieces at the same time, and then join these two pieces together.

The pressing force and movement for the joint create the organic form of the bamboo; the different thickness of colored glass creates a beautiful visual effect of an ink gradient.

The whole process requires mature experiences, temperature and timing control abilities, and a high understanding between artisans

At the end, by cutting at different heights, multifunctional containers are created. The residual material from the cut can be 100% recycled as material for the next production.

MOZHU - Joining glass pieces
MOZHU - Glass vases closeup
MOZHU- Final vases closeup