A geometric shelving composition between art and nordic design

A piece of furniture with strong character, a massive-minimal masterpiece that makes noise with harmony.

To me, good furniture design is the one that is immediate yet mysterious.

I love pieces with an impact that reveal hidden features only after a few moments of observation and reflection.

That’s exactly the effect of Nebula by the Antwerp based design studio Kabinet Van Look.

The contrast is strong: hard geometrical shapes that naturally interact and overlap, expanding on the wall like and exploding star.

Each closed cube is a smooth push-to-open cabinet or drawer, encouraging to explore and interact with the piece.

Kabinet Von Look - Modular shelving

You won’t find two surfaces at same hight or with same length, welcoming a heterogeneous mix of objects on the composition.

Nørdic styling tip: hanging plants fit very well on it, contrasting with the hard edges of the cubes while matching with the wooden finishes.

Besides the neat design, Nebula catches the attention with its massive dimensions, spanning 2.8 meters wide and 2.5 meters high.

Once installed on the wall it seems more of an art piece rather than a shelf set.

The composition is all hand made and realised in high quality beech plywood, a strong and light material, finished with white laminate and teak veneer.

Kabinet Van Look realises furniture for both residential and commercial spaces with high craftsmanship skills and a long experience in the sector.

Nebula can be adapted and integrated in a wall cabinet structure, acquiring a new character and playing with negative spaces.

Nebula shelving system by Kabinet Van Look - Furniture Design

It was a real pleasure to observe people interacting with Nebula at the exhibition by Haigō at the Milan Design Week 2017:

some would stare, some would timidly touch, some others would take a few steps back to take a picture of the whole composition.

Many different approaches, but a feeling of astonishment was shared, similar to the one provoked by a grandiose work of art.

A piece of furniture with strong character, a massive-minimal masterpiece that makes noise with harmony.

(read more by Haigō)

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