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These functional sculptures blur the line between furniture and art

Surrealism, Expressionism and Modernism in furniture by Shitij Dogra Arcquitects

One major thing that a sculpture provides and a furniture piece fails to is a discussion.

However, a sculpture is a forerunner in the realm of aesthetics that falls short in providing functionality to the end-user.

Newborn series aims to blur the line between a furniture piece and a sculpture.

Newborn series by Shitij Dogra Arcquitects

With its inspiration taken from movements like surrealism, expressionism, and modernism, it aims to open new domains in terms of how furniture is perceived.

The pieces aspire to open novel avenues, combining art and functionality to give form to a new typology called ‘functional sculptures’.

Newborn series by Shitij Dogra Arcquitects

This exercise not only aims to find a middle ground between a sculpture and a furniture piece but also critiques the notions and norms in which furniture and sculptures have dwelled in the past.

With a total of eight pieces, the Newborn series has been thoughtfully conceived and carefully crafted with a strong material sensibility.

The pieces do not conform to clean lines and straight edges of the modernist belief; rather, they aim to find beauty in the imperfection of the materials used.

Also, the materials of these furniture pieces have been kept in their natural state.

This approach not only aims at creating pieces that are modest and soulful but evokes a certain bond with the body which is timeless and ageless.


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